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We aren’t your everyday XL American Bully breeder. Titan Bullys incorporates the most sought after quality bloodlines from the top XL Bully kennels in the world into our elite breeding program. Not only will you get a top quality Bully puppy from A legendary pedigree, you will be getting a superior dog that everyone wants, but not everyone has. We have legends as well as legends in the making residing here at our kennel. Most of our program includes dogs/bloodlines exclusive only to Titan Bullys, or just a few kennels worldwide. At Titan Bullys, our standards are high – and we expect yours to be, too. While stable temperment is always a required trait in our program, quality also means health, function, size, bone, structure, color, and intelligence. Our puppies will always meet or exceed your expectations in what an American Bully XXL Should be. With Titan Bullys, bigger does mean better. Feel free to browse our website, and contact us with any questions. Thanks for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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A Little About Titan XL Bullys

We feel in love with these XL dogs after opening our home to one of these guys. We became more and more interested in these dogs as time went on. It is very easy to fall for this breed! As our interest grew, Titan made an epic move into the XL Pitbull & Bully community by purchasing nearly 3/4 of the world renowned Probull’s yard. This purchase included the frozen straws to such “gone but never forgotten” legends such as TCK Pokerface, Probull’s Beast Tattoo (possibly the last pure form of greyline/grayline, Probull’s King Midas, and the man himself – Probull’s King Kong. Additionally, we partnered up with Joe Rogers & Shin2Chin Kennels who have 10 years experience in the breed and with daily kennel operations. We plan to continue to produce the quality and size that everyone expects from these top xl bully or xl pitbull kennel.

American Bully Breeders In Florida

Titan Bullys is located in the beautful state of florida. We are happy to have you visit (by appointment only). however, for those who are not local to the area, shipping through a licensed pet transportation service is available at an additional cost. You will always have the choice of having your puppy shipped to you, or picking your new puppy up in person. UKC Application for permanent registration aka “puppy papers” will be available at pickup. For those puppies who will travel via pet transporter, paperwork will be mailed to the address provided to titan bullies. We will not send paperwork with the shipper or through the airline.

Probulls' King Kong
Probulls' King Midas

XL & XXL American Bullies

We specialize in big, beautiful dogs. Puppies that exceed your expectations in what an XL or XXL Bully should be. We work with only the top Bully & Pitbull bloodlines in the world. We produce quality by only using quality breeding stock in our elite breeding program. No watered down blood. We are the real deal when it comes to show stopping, jaw dropping Xl Bully puppies. thank you for choosing Titan Bullys as your American Bully breeder.

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